Mark Allinson was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1947, and, miraculously, is still alive at the time this bio is being written, over sixty years later. However, by the time you read this, who knows? In fact, at this moment there is a massive thunderstorm bearing down on the shuddering plywood shed he inhabits on the south coast of New South Wales. Mark has published a few poems in various places, but he forgets where, just for the moment. But a few of them are on this site, in past issues. He was going to tell you a bit more about himself, but the wind is getting so strong, and the—oh, shit! What was tha

C.B. Anderson is the longtime gardener for the PBS television series, The Victory Garden. Over the past four years, more than a gross of his poems have appeared in dozens of online and print journals. When he is writing. and even when he isn't, he enjoys fine single malt Scotch whisky. He lives with his wife and kids in Maynard, MA.

David Gwilym Anthony is a British businessman and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His second poetry collection, Talking to Lord Newborough, was published in the United States by Alsop Review Press in 2004. This is his website: .

Alison Brackenbury was born in 1953. Her new collection, Singing in the Dark, will be published by Carcanet in February 2008. New poems can be seen on her website,, and on

Emily Brink has been published in Arabesques and SoMa Literary Review. She lives in California.

Patrick Carrington is poetry editor at Mannequin Envy and author of Thirst (Codhill, 2007), Rise, Fall and Acceptance (MSR Publishing, 2006), and the soon-to-be-released Hard Blessings. His poetry is forthcoming in The Potomac Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Sou’wester, Pebble Lake Review, Flyway, and elsewhere.

Antonia Clark is a writer and editor for a medical software company in Burlington, Vermont. She has published short stories and poems, has taught creative writing to adults, and is currently co-administrator of an online poetry forum, The Waters. Her poems have recently appeared in Autumn Sky Poetry, Bumbershoot, The Pedestal Magazine, kaleidowhirl, Light Quarterly, Lily, Loch Raven Review, Lucid Rhythms, Rattle, Tipton Poetry Journal, and Stirring.

Bob J. Clawson—writer, fisherman, teacher, and cook—studied at a rural two-room schoolhouse, Kenyon College, Harvard, and Yale. He has visited 33 of the United States, and has been abroad to France, Italy, Greece, Canada, Mexico, and to several island nations such as Great Britain, Ireland, Jamaica, Cuba, and Nantucket. His writing covers a wide range: he has published work in journals as diverse as the Southern Review and Yankee, The Christian Science Monitor, and The Lancet. His poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal and Poet Lore. For the past seven years Robert has managed the annual Robert Creeley Award in Acton, Massachusetts, where Creeley grew up.

Peter H. Desmond prepares tax returns for writers, artists, and musicians in Cambridge, Mass. A Pushcart nominee, he's had poems published in a score of web and print litmags and is the recipient of three Cambridge Poetry Awards. Peter has recited his poems at such unusual venues as antiwar rallies, a student building occupation, and an accounting conference. Now he enjoys performing poetry on stage together with his writing partner Paula Savoy.

William Doreski, Professor of English, Keene State College (New Hampshire), teaches creative writing, literary theory, and modern poetry. Born in Connecticut, he lived in Boston, Cambridge, and Arlington (MA) for many years, attended various colleges, and after a certain amount of angst received a Ph.D. from Boston University. He has published several collections of poetry, most recently Sacra Via (Tatlock Publications, 2005) and Another Ice Age (Cedar Hill, 2007), and three critical studies—The Years of Our Friendship: Robert Lowell and Allen Tate (University Press of Mississippi, 1990), and The Modern Voice in American Poetry(University Press of Florida, 1995), Robert Lowell’s Shifting Colors (Ohio University Press, 1999)—and a textbook entitled How to Read and Interpret Poetry (Prentice-Hall). His critical essays, poetry, and reviews have appeared in many academic and literary journals, including Massachusetts Review, Notre Dame Review, The Alembic, New England Quarterly, Harvard Review, Modern Philology, Antioch Review, Natural Bridge.

Dennis Greene lives in Perth, Western Australia. His work has appeared in Unfamiliar Tides, Empowa issue one, Empowa issue two (in which he was the featured poet), Westerly, Inside Out, and Blast Magazine. His online credits include Pogonup, Numbat, Comrades, MiPo, Ironbark, and Oracular Tree, among others. In 2000 he was invited to the US to edit Voices from the Parking Lot on behalf of the Parkinson Alliance.

Nigel Holt has been published online and in print in various publications both online and in print. He still thinks mags that don't accept email should be boiled in their own ink.

Nigel McLoughlin has published four collections of poetry. His most recent is Dissonances (bluechrome, 2007). He is Principal Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire where he is also Course Leader for the MA in Creative and Critical Writing.

Tim Murphy's latest books are Beowulf, A Longman Cultural Edition, co-translated with Alan Sullivan, 2004, and Very Far North, Waywiser Press (London), 2002.

Amy Nawrocki is a poet and teacher living in Hamden, CT, USA. She teaches English and Creative Writing at the University of Bridgeport. Her poems have recently appeared in Modern English Tanka, War, Literature, and the Arts, The Powhatan Review, Lily Literary Review and SNReview. She received an Honorable Mention for the 2007 Brodine Brodinsky Contest and was a semifinalist for the 2006 Paumanok Visiting Writers Award.

Born in 1957 in Minneapolis, Cindy Nelson-Nold is a botanical artist who lives in Denver, Colorado, with her husband and two border collies. She claims the dubious distinction of being the most lacking-in-poetical-and-or-scholarly-or-otherwise-pertinent-credits of any poet/artist so far featured in the SCR, confidently expecting that record to stand unchallenged for some little while, and she cannily knows what side her bread is buttered on, it almost always being the side that's not hit the floor. She reads tarot and practices several other forms of divination, but never saw this coming.

Stephen Payne is a professor in Manchester Business School and a student in Manchester Poetry School. He lives in Penarth, South Glamorgan. He has poems just out or forthcoming in several UK magazines, most recently in The Dark Horse, The North, The London Magazine.

Thomas Rodes is a semi-retired and fully burnt-out information management consultant who spends the cold months in the Washington, D.C. suburbs and summers and falls at his farm in rural Maine. His most recent non-poetic accomplishment was installing a solar power system on his sister’s land in Mendocino County, California. His poems have appeared in Umbrella, The Panhandler, The American Organist and The Shit Creek Review.

Peter Wyton regards poetry as an itch he has been scratching periodically since his first verses appeared in the magazine of Friends School, Lisburn. In the early 1990s he discovered the world of Small Poetry Presses, began to submit work to them, to enter written competitions and take part in performance poetry Slams. Since then he has published seven 'slim volumes', appeared in several anthologies and performed at Festivals, Arts Centres and on Radio 4. Links:, (and click on 'Poet Laureate'), (and click on 'Number 15')


Mark Bulwinkle, artist, B. 1946 Boston Mass., lives in Oakland, Ca., Former student of Robert J. Clawson, Weston, Mass., Google Mark Bulwinkle, artist, or see

Justin Evans' most recent poetry has appeared in and In Posse Review. He is a 2005 Pushcart nominee. He currently lives in rural Nevada with his wife and three sons, where he teaches history at the local high school.

Patricia Wallace Jones is a retired disability advocate with an art degree who knows what it's like to be up Shit Creek. She loves having the time now (not to mention a paddle) to be what she wanted to be when she grew up. More of her work can be seen at

Peter Schwartz is a painter, poet and writer. He's also an associate art editor for Mad Hatters' Review. His artwork can be seen all over the Internet but specifically at: He's had hundreds of paintings, poems, and stories published both online and in print and is constantly submitting new work as if his very life depended on it. His last show was at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea NYC.

R. K. Sohm was the portrait artist on the Titanic. That's why he never works in watercolour.

Donald Zirilli is unable to concentrate, but he has been known to focus, or vice versa. He is currently working on his first beard.

Captain Philip Barrie made the Captain's landing announcement. He is an airline pilot of many years' experience in Australia and overseas. His recently-completed MSc thesis examined issues relating to air safety.

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