Mark Allinson: was born in 1947 and raised in Melbourne, Australia. At first Mark believed that he wanted to be an airline pilot, and he completed a private flying licence at 17. Before long, however, he realized that flying was merely a metaphor of his desire to rise above the pettiness of daily life, in order to see the big picture. Eventually this desire for vertical transcendence led to a Ph.D in English literature, and he taught for a while at Monash University, in Melbourne. Mark is now entirely grounded, and living and writing on the NSW coast, south of Sydney.

Julie Carter: lives in Ohio with her husband and their strange array of cats. Her work has appeared in The Adroitly Placed Word, Autumn Sky, Snakeskin, OCHO, and in her recent book: pseudophakia.  She is one of the readers for the popular internet radio program:  The Goodnight Show, by miPOradio.

Corey Cook: Corey's work has appeared, or will appear, in Baby Clam Press, Children, Churches and Daddies, Down in the Dirt, Eskimo Pie, JAW Magazine and Nerve Cowboy. He works at a not for profit and is one of the editors of The Orange Room Review. Corey lives in Contoocook, NH with his wife.

Jerry G. Erwin: born in Nurgev, Latvia, was raised in western Kentucky, excelling in gymnastics and advanced solar physics, receiving a fellowship at Grossgow University in New York, where he graduated with honors in both Bio-Reverse Genetics and Ancient Aramaic Literature.  Mr. Erwin has had numerous articles and fiction published in both literary and academic magazines, and is currently editing his 15 volume historic, psychoanalytical novel Predatory Effects of the Bicameral Mind (with drawings).

Anna Evans: Anna Evans is a British citizen but permanent resident of NJ, where she is raising two daughters. She has had over 100 poems published in journals including Verse Libre Quarterly, The Absinthe Literary Review, Literary Mama, Measure and The Evansville Review.  She has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize, was a finalist in the 2005 Howard Nemerov sonnet award, and is editor of the formal poetry e-zine The Barefoot Muse . She is currently enrolled in the Bennington College MFA Program. Her first chapbook Swimming was published in March 2006 from Powerscore Press.

Angela France: lives in Gloucestershire, England and is enjoying middle age. She writes as an antidote to a demanding job, working with challenging young people. She runs a regular local live poetry event and finds literature in all its forms essential for survival. She has had work published in Acumen, Iota, Voice and verse, The Frogmore Papers and has work forthcoming in Rain Dog and Obsessed with Pipework.

M.A. Griffiths: was born and grew up in London, but now lives in Dorset (Hardy's Wessex).  She enjoys writing both free and formal verse, and participating in online poetry boards. Her work has appeared in Snakeskin, Crescent Moon Journal, The Eleventh Muse, Mind Mutations, and Mindfire Renewed, amongst others.

Earl Haig: Earl's prior publications are limited to Dog Breeder Weekly (2) and frequent light-hearted efforts in the Poodle Newsletter. There are unconfirmed rumours about Earl and the name of Peter Richards' plume. Pass it on.

Nigel Holt: Teacher and poet who barely ekes enough from his labours to want to have to spend it on pointless international postage charges to conventional magazines which have smaller viewing figures than the snail racing on Sunday evening at the Marmoset and Tabernacle tavern in Much Wedlock. Credits include Snakeskin, Worm, Melic Review, Envoi, Orbis and Artemis Magazine.

Patricia Wallace Jones: is a life-long artist and retired disability advocate.  Art has always kept her sane and she loves having more time (not to mention inspiration) for it since retiring from the Midwest to the northern California coast.  She hopes to connect with the viewer in ways that are magical, elicit a smile, a memory or a sigh. She is full of good intentions about submitting her work, but in fact, rarely does.  Her art is in private collections and her poems and/or art have appeared in Avatar Review, PDQ, MindFire, Confused Muse, Tilt and in various regional art shows and galleries.  When time allows she tries to post work daily on:

Rose Kelleher: lives in Maryland. Her poems have appeared in a handful of little magazines.

Janet Kenny: has metamorphosed from painter to classical singer to anti-nuclear activist, researcher, writer, illustrator and poet.  Started in New Zealand and zigzagged across the globe to finally settle in Australia. She has published fairly widely as a poet.

Quincy Lehr: was born in Oklahoma and currently lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Mary Meriam: Mary's first book of poems, The Countess of Flatbroke (Modern Metrics, 2006), features an afterword by Lillian Faderman and a cover design by R. Nemo Hill. Visit .

Nic Sebastian:  hails from Virginia and is the proud mother of two boys. She began studying reading and writing poetry in her spare time two years ago and this is her first publication. More from Nic at .

David Thornbrugh: currently writes from South Korea, where he teaches English in a National University. He writes to push back the darkness a little bit at a time, in the same flighty manner as lightning bugs. He has been published in numerous small press journals, and once wrote the questions for a geography textbook. He prefers multiple choice questions to True/False.

Gail White: Gail has been hanging around the Formalist movement from the beginning, and "Thank God I lived long enough to see it!" she says.  For kind words about her, see (under "criticism").  Otherwise, she lives on Bayou Teche with her cats, Pushkin (black) and Daisy (spotted), and husband Arthur (bald).
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